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Office of Senate President Pro Tem David Givens

Jan 9, 2015

FRANKFORT, Ky.– The 2015 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly started strong this week with the passage of four priority bills in the Senate supporting the theme of “Creating Kentucky Jobs and Strengthening Kentucky Families.” As the Senate has done in previous sessions under the direction of Senate President Robert Stivers, members of leadership were elected prior to the start of session so when the 2015 General Assembly convened, we were able to get straight to business. I was honored to have my family with me on Tuesday of this week, as I was elected as Senate President Pro Tempore of the Kentucky State Senate and sworn in by Judge Amy Sullivan Anderson.

Legislation addressing the heroin epidemic passed unanimously on only the third day of session. Senate Bill 5, which was sponsored by Senator Chris McDaniel (and which I was proud to co-sponsor) provides for an additional $13.3 million for heroin treatment programs and requires increased reporting so that the effectiveness of the programs can be monitored. Other provisions will allow first responders to administer naloxone, a medication which can sometimes prevent death from a heroin overdose; will allow law enforcement to waive certain charges against suspects who voluntarily warn officers that they are carrying needles; and, will require convicted trafficking offenders to serve 50 percent of their sentences before being eligible for parole.

Immediately upon the passage of the heroin bill, the Senate took up Senate Bill 1, or Right-to-Work legislation. After discussion on the floor, the Senate passed the bill, giving Kentucky another tool when recruiting industries to locate in the Commonwealth and create jobs. As the law stands now, Kentucky is often eliminated in the first round by a large majority of businesses because they will not set up or even consider locating in a state that is not “right-to-work.”

Friday, the Senate passed two more bills. Senate Bill 2 addresses a current imbalance of power regarding regulations that can be implemented by the Executive Branch without legislative oversight. This bill would establish a system for legislators to have oversight over executive administrative regulations and ensure that they are in keeping with Kentucky statutes. If it passes this session, Kentucky voters will have the opportunity to cast their vote on the issue since it would be an amendment to the Kentucky constitution.

Senate Bill 4 would require a face-to-face consultation with a physician, or “informed consent” between the patient and physician, take place before a medical procedure to perform an abortion can occur.

Our first week of action emphasizes that this Senate is determined to deliver progress and make changes by providing legislation that helps create jobs and strengthens Kentucky families.

I would encourage you to follow these bills closely, along with any other legislation you may be interested in. Your input is not only valued and appreciated, it can ensure that legislators are aware of your particular interest and concerns and can make a difference in the process. I encourage you to follow the Senate bills that we pass and call members of the House and urge them to pass the bills as well.

In particular, we ask that you voice your support of Senate Bill 5. Kentuckians are dying in growing numbers due to the current epidemic of heroin addiction. The House failed to act on this bill last session, and your phone call can ensure that they address this matter this session. We need legislative action to provide our first responders, law enforcement, and medical community the resources necessary to break the hold heroin has on our state. You can express your support for Senate Bill 5 by calling (800) 372-7181 and asking that the House pass this lifesaving measure quickly.

There are several ways to follow legislative action throughout the 2015 Session, including attending any of the sessions in person. Senate Committee Meetings are also open to the public. The Kentucky Legislature Home Page ( is updated daily to provide the latest legislative information. The website is regularly updated to indicate each bill’s status in the legislative process, as well as the next day’s committee-meeting schedule and agendas.

If you wish to offer your feedback or opinion on any issue, you can call the Legislative Message Line at (800) 372-7181. Those who prefer to offer their feedback in Spanish can call the General Assembly's Spanish Line at (866) 840-6574. Citizens with hearing impairments can use the TTY Message Line at (800) 896-0305.

A taped message containing information on the daily schedule for legislative committee meetings is available by calling the Legislative Calendar Line at (800) 633-9650. You can also receive information regarding the status of a bill at (866) 840-2835. Finally, you can write me at: Senate President Pro Tem David P. Givens, 702 Capital Avenue, Capitol Annex Room 236, Frankfort, KY 40601


David Givens
State Senator
District 9

Note: Senator David Givens (R-Greensburg) represents the 9th District including Allen, Barren, Green, Metcalfe, Monroe and Simpson counties.


David Givens
9th District

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